About Us and What Sets Us Apart

Passion for Jewelry is a treasure trove of glamorous global styles, creatively curated from far-reaching destinations.

Passion for Jewelry is proudly owned by Kasey Petersen.

Adventurer, entrepreneur, pearl specialist and lover of the unusual, Kasey Petersen travels extensively much of the year. Her mission is to discover beautiful, rare and unusual jewelry to bring to a wider audience. Kasey has designed and sourced an extensive, eclectic collection of jewelry for over two decades and has a keen eye on current and up-and-coming trends.

What makes Passion for Jewelry different?

Our jewelry has traveled far and wide, from the back alley markets of Morocco, Mozambique and Brazil to the vibrant stalls adorning Tibet's roads as well as China’s pearl farms. Our jewelry has lived on the shelves of India's bustling shops, journeyed through Turkey's exciting streets and experienced the chatter of Nepal's eclectic markets.
These extraordinary pieces are the work of a diverse range of talented designers who create their own as well as Kasey’s designs.  Passionate artisans in Myanmar and Italy, generations of silversmiths in Bali, and the cultured craftspeople of Thailand are but a few of the makers of these pieces. Passion for Jewelry provides a showcase for many young undiscovered artisans throughout the world.

Why is Passion for Jewelry so highly sought after?

  • Ethically sourced: bought from artisans at a fair price.
  • High quality: high standards in selection of each piece.
  • Superior materials: made from genuine stones and pearls.
  • Craftsmanship: pieces chosen for unique and intricate designs.
  • Unique and rare products: featuring unusual elements from around the world.
  • Make a statement: stellar, one-of-a-kind jewelry not available elsewhere.
  • Exceptional value: prices well below wholesale, bought from the source.
Passion for Jewelry offers stunning pieces to suit every age, style and budget.
Passion for Jewelry is sold at exclusive trade shows, online, fundraisers, select stores, and private trunk shows. 
For more information contact us at:  passionforjewelry13@gmail.com

Tell a story, make a statement, increase intrigue.

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